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Package Assembly

Radial Attached Gold Wire Bonds
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Wire Bonding
We have the equipment and know-how to accomplish even the most difficult wire bonding applications. If your product is still in the design stage, we encourage you to contact us for suggestions for designing for manufacturability.

Methods include:
  • Ball Bonding - gold, copper, and silver wire - down to 35μm pitch
  • Wedge bonding - Au or Al wire up to 50μm wire diameter
  • Au stud bumping
  • Au ribbon bonding

We can wire bond to various substrates including ceramic, PCBs, flex circuits, and modules. Please contact us for surface finish requirements.

Wire Bonder Specifications
Wire Diameters: 17.8µm to 50µm (0.7 mil - 2.0 mil)
Wire Capacity 14K Wires per process programs ; 25k wires for premium
Wire Material: Gold
Bondable Area: 56mm (X) x 80 mm (Y)

Die Specifications
Minimum Die Size: 0.2mm (0.008 in) square
Maximum Rotation : ± 10 degrees
Maximim Tilt: ±60 µm (0.0024 in) corner to corner

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Besi Datacon
Besi Datacon Specifications
Highest accuracy ± 10 µm @ 3 Sigma (7 µm on request)
Bond Force: 0 – 7,500 g (programmable)
Dispensing Pressure Range: 20.0 to 200.0 kPa
Die Size:     Die attach 0.17 mm – 50 mm
Die Thickness: 0.02 mm – 7 mm
Wafer Size:     4" – 12"

Die Attaching to Board
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Die Attach

We are equipped to handle a wide variety of die attach needs:

Die types include:
  • Standard silicon down to .003” thick
  • Surface-sensitive devices such as MEMs and optical die
  • Stacked die
  • Flip chip die

Substrate types include:

  • Ceramic packages
  • Plastic packages
  • PCBs
  • Flex circuits
  • Metal housings and modules

Methods include:

  • Non-conductive epoxy attach
  • Conductive epoxy attach
  • Die Attach Film (DAF)
  • Eutectic Au/Sn and Au/Si attach
  • Other solder alloy attach
Die Gold Bonded to PCB
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Chip On Board & PCB Assembly
We can assist you with your COB assembly development in addition to flip chip, die attach, and wire bonding for your device. Advotech offers installation of surface mount and through-hole components to complete the assembly.