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Come and join the Advotech Family where you will constantly grow and develop new skills.

Career Opportunities

Looking to find people who want to create a career and train others by having the opportunity to be part of the foundation process, as we are constantly being exposed to new and exciting technology that requires Change and Growth within our organization. As a microelectronic contract assembly house, we are constantly exposed to new and exciting technologies. Through hard work, training, curiosity, and commitment, we can turn limited resources into life-changing solutions.

Specific traits we are seeking:

  • · Solid Attendance History

  • · Willingness and Ability to Learn Numerous Tasks.

  • · Detailed Oriented and Observant

  • · Enthusiasm and Passion

  • · Above Average Communication Skills

Types of Positions Open

  • · Apprentice Positions

  • · Entry Level Positions with some Technical Experience

  • · Experienced Technicians/Operators willing to teach and expand on their current knowledge

Career Information

Please send your resume to employment@advotech.com

Please include in the email your:

· Full Name
  • · Email Address
  • · Phone Number
Who we are
Dicing Services
Dicing Service Job Includes:

Mounting Wafers
Operating A Dicing Saw

Who we are
Package Assembly
Packaging Assembly Job Includes:

Die Attaching
Wire Bonding
Chip On Board & PCB Assembly
Module Handling
Who we are
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance Job Inlcudes:

Visual Inspection Under A Scope
Electrical Inspecting
Compliance Check With Industry Standard
Who we are
Wire Bonding
Wire Bonding Job Includes:

Operation of a wire bonding machine