What we do

Additional Services

Assembly Procedures
At Advotech we are constantly adding and improving upon the services we offer as technology advances. Here are some of the additional skills our technicians can offer when manufacturing your PCB design.
Testing Die Durability
Mechanical Testing
We offer wire-pull, shear testing and temperature cycling services for assurance of mechanical reliability.
High Powered Microscopic Analysis
Visual Inspection and Measurement
We are equipped with high-power microscopes, cameras, and software to capture and measure visual data that can be useful for verification, failure analysis, and reporting.
Inspect Internal Circuits & Bonds with Our X-Ray Service
We provide X-ray services for process verification and failure analysis. Solder voids, shorts, missing and broken wires are just some of the defects that can be revealed by X-ray when visual inspection is not enough.
Protect Your Circuit, Encapsulate them with Epoxy
We can protect your die and wire bonds by encapsulating them with epoxy and by placing a cover over them. Black and clear epoxy options are available.
Clean and Remove any Surface Contaminants
Surface Cleaning
We have the ability to remove surface contaminants prior to assembly using an aqueous cleaning solution or our plasma cleaners.